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Woof, woof, woof, awoo ~

Howling from a furry, nerdy wolfo.

This is an educational game, or more like a "Wikipedia App in the forms of RenPy".

A new way to learn somethng about Unix/Linux - Through a visual novel game engine, Renpy.

*may containing furry or furry materials*

Programmer and script :

Chase Beowulf Otterski @ Legosi Okami Inugami

Screenshots and main menu artwork :

Chase Beowulf Otterski @ Legosi Okami Inugami

Informations :

Wikipedia, official websites and other trustable sources (online sources that are trustable by the game devs)

Download demo

com.beowulf.osdesandwms-100-universal-release.apk 52 MB
OSDEsandWMs-1.0-pc.zip 71 MB

Development log

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